Friday, January 4, 2013

A little step by step action

This is a little insight step by step of how I go about my Bad Cat Portraits drawings. The pictures are not that great but you can see the transition from start to finish.  

I start all my drawings in my sketch book. A pet picture with good detail and decent lighting is best for me to sketch from.  I have noticed that a picture that picks up the eyes well is very good for me to draw from.  I find the eyes can really make the picture.  Usually, that's where i start my drawings.  I am a hat person, so I like to add hats to my animals, but I like to make sure I add character that fits the animal or person I'm drawing for.  For me, I'm all about bicycles!  For Hiwa, it's all about candy corn.

There are a few steps missing here.  This is  now on the final paper.  Before I get to this step, I draw, redraw, redraw and redraw on tracing paper to where everything looks right to the littlest detail. ( So I try ).  Once the final sketch is drawn and sized to fit on my paper, I use the trusty light table to draw the portrait on the final paper.  Begin shading and detailing starts now.

...And I'm drawing and drawing and drawing...

Take a break... Ok, and I'm drawing, drawing...

Finally, the finished portrait.  Hiwa and his love for candy corn.  Note, don't leave a bag of candy corn out around this cat!