Friday, January 11, 2013

Another step by step.

Here is a step by step of my pet portrait of Orion.  He is one good looking pitbull with a bowler hat on.

Once again, I start out my pet portraits on the trusty sketch pad.  I like to use a 14" x 17" pad so I have space to draw.  I don't like to be cramped in and lose detail while sketching out a pet.  Of course, I always run out room still. 

Now I'm at the point where sketch has been redrawn a few times with the use of tracing paper.  I have rolls of it.  When the drawing is drawn out to where I like it, I hit up the photocopy machine.  Size it down to fit my paper and I'm set for the final art paper.  I like to use bristol smooth paper.  

The pencil lines come out great, showing texture, depth, and detail.  I start out light with shading and progressively get darker.  As always, I begin with the eyes. 

Orion is now all drawn out.  I spray the drawing with matte finish to protect it.  I don't want the drawing to smear.  Then, I brush over the drawing matte varnish.  This adds a permanent protection.  The varnish also enhances the drawing by giving more depth.  The dark areas become denser while the lighter areas pop more.

The last step I do is paint a black out line with black acrylic.  I will also paint the negative space all white to clean it all up.  The black out line makes the pet portrait pop off the page and pull everything together.  And now, Orion is finished!

Orion looks fresh and boss!