Friday, January 25, 2013

The Desmond files...continued

The snow is falling and it's cold out there.  This cat, Desmond, seems to just take it all.  He is definitely the toughest cat I've met with a big heart.  Here he is in January snow with temperatures in the teens coming out to say hi to me.  

Recently, Desmond came home limping.  Holding his left leg close to his body, he trotted over to me.  He meowed and rubbed up against me as always.   I immediately picked him up to check him out.  Underneath his front leg I saw what looked liked teeth marks as if he got in a fight with a dog.  "What did you get into now?" I thought to myself.   Dang cat! 

Cold out and hobbling, Desmond still is in happy spirits.   It's been a little over a week with his injury and he is now starting to be able to use his front left leg.   When he isn't in his little home I built, he will see me walking out to the trash and come walking up to me with his loud meows.  Sometimes Desmond is out for a long time.  My girlfriend and I say he's busy doing stuff.  He always makes it back  for dinner though.