Monday, October 28, 2013

Desmond. The toughest cat in Philly!

Here sits Desmond, the toughest cat in Philly.  That's right! This all black alley cat that I have named Desmond lives in my neighborhood.  I see him almost everyday. 

For 2 years now, I've helped this cat along.  I'm not sure he always understands this though, as he will swat at me with those razor sharp claws when I feed him.  He can be quit ornery. He will let me pet him, but only for a moment.  Desmond warns me often with his growls that he wants to be left alone.  Desmond would rather just hang out and watch the scene. 

This black cat has come home many times from a battle taken on the streets of Philly.  Usually, there are scratches on this face, sometimes more serious.  Recently, Desmond took on a serious injury on his right side of his head.  It is not something nice to look at and didn't want to show it,  for sure a head turner.  It looked like a bigger animal for sure got in a brawl with him.  But, Desmond keeps on coming back and knows how to keep himself cleaned up.  

Desmond still runs his hood.