Saturday, January 25, 2014

Desmond. This cat portrait says it all.

This is Desmond.  He is the toughest alley cat in Philly!  I helped this cat out for 2 years but I had moved recently and most likely won't see him again.   I've seen this cat go through some of the roughest injuries I've seen a cat possibly have to deal with.  He wasn't that pleasant to me most of the time but he would come to my door twice a day for food and water and treats.  Sometimes he would even hang with me and lay in the sun.   The first time I saw him he was eating a hot dog on the sidewalk.  I'll remember how he would follow me around and sit outside my door waiting for me to come out.  This cat is a survivor.  I think he will do just fine without me, but I will miss that cat.

Desmond 2
14" x 17"
Mixed media