Thursday, January 23, 2014

Leonardo cat mural is done!

I took a class at the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program recently.  This is what I did,  "Leonardo", see below.  I  drew this at my normal drawing  size for cat portraits, 14"x 17", first.  I then took it to a larger size as you see here, 5' x 5'.  It's been quite some time since doing a piece at this size.  The idea behind this mural is to do a series of cat portraits at this size that would span along a wall.  Both my cats here at BCP are from the streets of Philadelphia and so I wanted to give back to the streets of Philly.  

"Leonardo" will be hung up at the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program gallery in the spring, along with other artists.  I'll post when the date comes around.  I don't have it as of now.