Saturday, June 22, 2019

The Cheetah

Finally! The cheetah is finished.  Had a few side projects during this, but it's done!  This is the first of the big cats portrait series.  More to come.

Stay tuned

The cheetah is in the works. Stay tuned for the big cat portrait. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Ummm...need new pencil!

Alright, finally getting back to this big cat portrait, the cheetah. I should have this one done soonish. Though, I do have a few more illustration gigs to get to.  But first, I want to finish this!  Stay tuned...

Pack 18

This is the finished T-shirt design for the Boy Scout pack 18 out of North Hollywood.


I've been working on a T-shirt design for a boy scout pack.  Frankie, once again, is helping ink up this portrait. It will be 3 animal portraits. first the tiger then a wolf and a bear.


I've been a bit busy with multiple projects and got side tracked on posting lately.  Here is the logo I did for Long Neck Coffee.  This  place is somewhere in the hills of California. I should probably look it up to see where exactly. It has yet to open, though. So, you'll have to wait if you're looking for this coffee joint. I went with a wood cut look since its out in the woods.